Deutsche High Income Oppos

The Funds investment objective is to seek high current income with a secondary objective of total return. The Fund pursues its investment objective by investing primarily in securities designed to generate income, with the potential for capital appreciation being a secondary consideration.The Fund may invest in a broad range of income-producing securities, including, but not limited to, domestic and foreign debt securities of any credit quality or maturity (including below investment grade debt securities and debt securities of issuers located in countries with new or emerging securities markets), convertible securities (including convertible bonds), dividend-paying common stocks, preferred stocks, and securities of real estate investment trusts (REITS), energy trusts and other investment companies.The Fund may invest in debt securities not paying interest currently and securities in default.In addition, the Fund may invest in senior bank loans, including bank loan participations and assignments.The Fund may buy or sell protection on credit exposure and may also purchase securities on a when-issued basis and engage in short sales.The Fund may invest in cash or money market instruments in the event portfolio management determines that securities meeting the Funds investment objectives are not readily available for purchase.Its shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DHG. Future earnings of the Fund can not be guaranteed and the Funds dividend policy is subject to change. Any fund that concentrates in a particular segment of the market will generally be more volatile than a fund that invests more broadly. Bond investments are subject to interest-rate and credit risks. When interest rates rise, bond prices generally fall. Credit risk refers to the ability of an issuer to make timely payments of principal and interest. Investments in lower-quality and non-rated securities present greater risk of loss than investments in higher-quality securities. Investing in foreign securities, particularly those of emerging markets, presents certain risks, such as currency fluctuations, political and economic changes, and market risks. Stocks may decline in value. Investing in derivatives entails special risks relating to liquidity, leverage and credit that may reduce returns and/or increase volatility. Leverage results in additional risks and can magnify the effect of any losses. There are special risks associated with an investment in real estate, including REITS. These risks include credit risk, interest rate fluctuations and the impact of varied economic conditions.

Key stats

Management firm  Deutsche Investment Management Inc.
Domicile  United States
Global Branding Name  Deutsche Bank
12 month yield  6.72%
Fund currency  USD
Launch Date  2006-11-22
ISIN  US25158Y1029
Manager 1 Name  Gary Russell
Fund Strategy  High Yield Bond
Benchmark  Credit Suisse High Yield Corporate TR
Fund Structure  Closed Ended Investment Company
UCITS 3 compliant  no


Return Date  2015-07-31
Return - 1 Month  -0.16%
Return - 2 Months  -2.06 %
Return - 3 Months  -1.91%
Return - 6 Months  1.78 %
Return - 9 months  0.16 %
Return - 12 Months  1.00%
Annualized return 24 months  4.97 %
Annualized return 36 months  6.52 %
Annualized return 48 months  7.32 %
Annualized return 60 months  9.36 %
Return 120 months  0.00 %
Annualized return since Inception  -1.92%
Return YTD  2.61%


Morning Star Rating Date   2015-07-31
Morning Star Rating - 36 Months  fund has a 2 star rating fund has a 2 star rating
Morning Star Rating - 60 Months  fund has a 3 star rating fund has a 3 star rating fund has a 3 star rating
Morning Star Rating - Overall  fund has a 3 star rating fund has a 3 star rating fund has a 3 star rating


Initial  0.00 %
Maximum Managment Charge  0.85 %
Exit charge  0.00 %
Performance Fee  0.00 %


Contact Address  222 South Riverside
Contact city  NEW YORK
Contact country  United States
Fund Admin Group  Deutsche Investment Management Inc.
Custodian  State Street Bank & Trust Co


Last Price Date  2015-08-27
Pre-tax nav  13.56
Pre-tax offer  0.00
Pre-tax bid  0.00
Pre-tax mid  0.00
Post-tax nav  0.00
Post-tax offer  0.00
Post-tax bid  0.00
Price change  $0.05
Price change (percentage)  0.37 %
Guaranteed NAV  0.00000
Close Price  0.00

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