Blackstone/GSO Senior Floating

Under normal market conditions, at least 80% of the Funds Managed Assets will be invested in Senior Loans. This policy is not fundamental and may be changed by the board of trustees of the Fund with at least 60 days written notice to shareholders. Borrowers take out Senior Loans to refinance existing debt and for acquisitions, dividends, leveraged buyouts, and general corporate purposes. The Fund may invest up to 20% of its Managed Assets in loan interests that are not secured by any collateral of the Borrower, loan interests that have a lower than first lien priority on collateral of the Borrower, other income producing securities (including, without limitation, U.S. government debt securities and investment and non-investment grade, subordinated and unsubordinated corporate debt securities), warrants and equity securities issued by a Borrower or its affiliates as part of a package of investments in the Borrower or its affiliates and structured products. The Adviser expects to maintain an average duration of less than one year (including the effect of anticipated leverage). During temporary defensive periods or in order to keep the Funds cash fully invested, including during the period when the net proceeds of the offering of common shares are being invested, the Fund may deviate from its investment policies and objectives. During such periods, the Fund may invest all or a portion of assets in U.S. government securities, including bills, notes and bonds differing as to maturity and rates of interest that are either issued or guaranteed by the Treasury or by U.S. government agencies or instrumentalities; non-U.S. government securities which have received the highest investment grade credit rating, certificates of deposit issued against funds deposited in a bank or a savings and loan association; commercial paper; bankers acceptances; bank time deposits; shares of money market funds; credit linked notes; repurchase agreements with respect to any of the foregoing; or any other fixed income securities that the Adviser considers consistent with this strategy. It is impossible to predict when, or for how long, the Fund will use these alternative strategies.

Key stats

Management firm  Blackstone Group LP
Domicile  United States
Fund Administrator  ALPS Fund Services, Inc.
Global Branding Name  Blackstone
12 month yield  4.96%
Fund currency  USD
Launch Date  2010-05-26
ISIN  US09256U1051
SEDOL  B5472B6
Manager 1 Name  Daniel Smith, Jr
Manager 2 Name  Lee Shaiman
Fund Strategy  Bank Loan
Fund Structure  Closed Ended Investment Company
UCITS 3 compliant  no


Return Date  2015-06-30
Return - 1 Month  -0.97%
Return - 2 Months  -0.60 %
Return - 3 Months  0.70%
Return - 6 Months  4.07 %
Return - 9 months  2.71 %
Return - 12 Months  1.79%
Annualized return 24 months  3.92 %
Annualized return 36 months  5.10 %
Annualized return 48 months  5.08 %
Annualized return 60 months  6.04 %
Return 120 months  0.00 %
Annualized return since Inception  5.90%
Return YTD  4.07%


Morning Star Rating Date   2015-06-30
Morning Star Rating - 36 Months  fund has a 1 star rating
Morning Star Rating - 60 Months  fund has a 1 star rating
Morning Star Rating - Overall  fund has a 1 star rating


Initial  0.00 %
Maximum Managment Charge  1.00 %
Exit charge  0.00 %
Performance Fee  0.00 %


Contact Address  345 Park Avenue
Contact Address 3  New York NY 10154
Contact city  New York
Contact country  United States
Fund Admin Group  Blackstone Group LP
Web Address
Custodian  The Bank of New York Mellon


Last Price Date  2015-07-29
Pre-tax nav  16.78
Pre-tax offer  0.00
Pre-tax bid  0.00
Pre-tax mid  0.00
Post-tax nav  0.00
Post-tax offer  0.00
Post-tax bid  0.00
Price change  $0.07
Price change (percentage)  0.42 %
Guaranteed NAV  0.00000
Close Price  0.00

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